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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Aggravate allergies, studies haveshown that with the gradual increasein carbon dioxide levels and temperatures, early flowering season, so that pollengenerate increased, so that the spring allergies worse. Environmental pollution caused by human activity will destroy the balance of the ecosystem from the material and energy aspects, there is cause permanent damage.Human activity is the main cause of ecosystem imbalance factor. Ecological around me Ecological Ecological Carbon Water Resources Infographic Project Ecological damage refers to human unreasonably development, utilizationresulting forests, grasslands and othernatural environment has been damaged, so that human beings, animals, plants living conditions deteriorated phenomenon. Carbon Global climate change is the most significantand most serious global environmental problem humanity has ever faced. In my house the carbon water Homeless Water is an important resource for human life,the day required intake of 2 to 3 liters of water, and provide water for people's dailylives and industrial and agricultural production water.In our daily life,in terms of the role of water for drinking, cleaning, washing, is indispensable. Water is any life on Earth, the necessary material life forms, water can not be bred soil organisms,irrigated with fresh wateris an essential element in terrestrial organisms bred freshwater sources need to save, How mach water I use in my house. Summary From now on saving energy By Peter Li
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