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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The revolutionary war Battle of Long Island In New York City on 8-22-1776, the battle started. Washington takes his troops to defend NYC. The British offered the Patriots to surrender, so they didn't have to fight, the Patriots declined the offer. The British surrounded the Americans. washing tons troops were forced to leave. The British won. Bunker Hill:-William Prescott- Israel Putnam-General William Howe-Mayor John Pitcairn Long Island: -George Washington-General Cornwalis-Clinton Leaders Brandywine Creek: Patriot- George Washington British- General William Howe Bunker HillIn Boston, Massachusetts on June 17, 1775 the battle began. The Americans discovered the British's plan, and built forts around Bunker Hill and Breed's Hill. General Howe charged his troops up to Breed's Hill. The American ran out of ammo, and retreated. The British won this Battle. Brandywine CreekIn Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania on September 11, 1777 the battle of Brandywine Creek began. Washington was ready in the east, but the British were going to Chadds Ford. General William Howe sent half of his troops to Chadds Ford and the rest to the south. The Continental line wasn't not formed completely which led to a British Victory. Casualties:British:Long Island-400Bunker Hill- 150Brandywine Creek- around 400 Patriots:Long Island- 2049Bunker Hill-441Brandywine Creek- 1300-1900 British Advantges Long Island: Strong NavyBunker Hill: more suppliesBrandywine: large proffessional fighting force
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