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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Early Revolutionary Battles The Battle of Bunker Hill The Battle of Long Island The Battle of Brandywine Creek The British were planning a surprise attack against the Americans on Bunker Hill. However, the surprise was taken away when the Americans learned of their plan, and built forts the before the British arrived. The Americans lose though gain confidence, learning that the British aren't invincible, while the British learn that fighting the Americans will not be as easy as they thought. George Washington took his troops to New York City, when the British gave him the chance to surrender. Washington refuses to surrender, causing the British to surround the Americans. The Patriots then proceed to retreat, while the Maryland soldiers cover the procedure. The battle ends with the British taking control over New York City for winning the battle. Expecting the British to cross at Chadd's Ford, Washington positioned his troops on high grounds east of Brandywine Creek. Howe sends part of his army to cross Chadd's Ford, and sends to rest to surprise attack the right flank. The battles ends with the British taking control over Philadelphia for winning the battle. The Battle of Bunker Hill The Battle of Long Island Battle of Brandywine Creek Important People: General Joseph Warren, Israel Putnam (Patriots) General Howe, John Pitcairn (British)441 killed (Patriots) 1150 killed (British) The British had a stronger naval force, and more supplies Important People: George Washington, Charles Lee (Patriots)General William Howe, Richard Howe (British) About 2000 casualties (Patriots), About 400 casualties (British) The British had a stronger naval force and a larger fighting force. Important People: George Washington (Patriots), General William Howe (British), About 1300-1900 casualties (Patriots), About 600-2000 casualties (British) The British had a superior navy, and a large, professional fighting force. 6/17/1775, Charleston Heights, Massachusetts 9/11/1777, Chadd's Ford, Pennsylvania 8/27/1776, Close to New York City
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