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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rohan's 1800s Bistro Rohan's 1800s Bistro Dessert s Appetizers/Soup s Whiskey from the Whiskey Rebellion $6.99 -Don't worry all you Whiskey Boys out there!We don't have any excise tax on our whiskey.You don't have to tar and feather anyone here! Federalists vs. Democratic-Republican Shake $3.99 -Taste the tension between both parties, despite what side you are on. Do you agree with the Federalists' viewsor the Democratic-Republican's views? Choose betweenvanilla or chocolate, depending on what side your on.Isolated 'merica $2.99 -A mix of root beer and ginger ale. Have a taste of this drink onlyfound in America. Experience 'merica's policy of Isolationism andneutrality. Entrées Drink s Yankee Noodles $11.99 -Noodles made by the Yankees from the North. Doesn't this just remind you about the enterprising and thrifty Yankees of the Northeast?Hamilton's Home-style Ham Sandwich $10.00 -The ten dollar founding father's favorite dish. Served with perfectly cut ham and a choice of sauce.Perfect for a Federalist.XYZ Mystery Meat $12.99 -Almost as mysterious as Agents XYZ from the failed dealswith France. All ingredients are secret and mysterious. Rebellious Rigatoni $13.99 -Eat like a rebel, where you can't be prosecuted under theAlien and Sedition Acts. Conspire against the government all you want. Served with a light cream sauce.Presidential Pizza $12.99 -Cheesy pizza with a perfect crispy crust and choice of toppingsExperience the history of the elections of 1796 and 1800. See how John Adams wins in 1796. but loses in 1800 and causes the collapse of the Federalist Party. Barbary Pirates Golden Nuggets $6.99-Golden nuggets with a choice of sauceNote:Same golden nuggets were used astribute to Barbary States. Not responsibleif pirates steal your golden nuggets War Hawks' Hawk Soup $5.99 -Served with Hawks eager to got to war with BritainJay Salad $5.99 -John Jay's favorite dish from London, whenhe got Britain to pull their troops from the Ohio Valley.Served with real jaysHudson River Cafeteria Meatballs $8.99 -Served with cafeteria-style and quality meatballsMade by the artists from the Hudson River School Uncle Sam's favorite Jam $5.99 -I want you... to eat this dessert!Featuring Uncle Sam's Berry Jam dessertCapitalists' Cream Pie $6.99 -Delicious coconut cream pie, served with breadcrumb crust.Taste the Capitalism Henry Clayfelt America's future lay in during theEra of Good Feelings."Hands Off" Ice Cream $3.99 -Homemade vanilla ice cream, that can't be touched by Europeans. It is much like the Monroe Doctrine.
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