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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Entr eChoice s Entré eChoice s with more fat! Thumbs Up 5 Thumbs Up Desserts LINKS/ RESOURCES 2 Thumbs Up Appetizers / Sides Choices All of these options have more than 100,005 tons of fat per portion here. Arbys Cherry Turnover 13 g fat P.S. All items are things I've ordered before and typically would order or items that sounded good in my opinion "Healthy Fast Food" This link recommended considering portion sizes and checking nutrition guides before ordering"America's Top 10 Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants",,20411588,00.html This site has a list of the top 10 healthiest fast food restaurants based on the restaurants effects to be nutritional 2 useful articles on locating healthy food choices at restaurants It's a tasty treat, filled with garlic goodness.By the time you're finished, you'll feel so good and complete. This recipe was first created bypresident James Monroe. $18.17 Jolly Bread double click to change this title text $18.00s American salad with Jim Crow, Gilbert Stuart, and other dressings These American cookies taste so sweet. It also looks beautiful as well; it's like apainting which depicts America and whatits like, from the landscape to the NativeAmericans, the African Americans, whosedances amaze many people in the U.S. andothers in it, the painters, like Thomas Cole, etc. 2 Thumbs Down Soup Choices 2 Thumbs Down Entrée Choices Awesome Kids' Snack $17.97 XYZ snacks XYZ snacks are X, Y, and Z shaped cookies. Never give even these $17.97 cookies as tribute to the French for defending their nation. Beverage s $18.00s Slimy and Rotten European Bass with American Ship chips and Barbary On the Side This entree is a horrible blend of British, French, and Barbary Pirate flavors. They totally go against the awesome American Ship chip.$17.94 American Jay Hams with Raw French Worm The American and British Jay Ham's flavor is completely destroyed by the chaotic and extremely spicy French Worm. The French Worm seems to wish to attack the Jay Ham. $17.00s and $18.00s Bleach and Ammonia Soup Bleach and Ammonia, one of the world's worst combinations, sticks to it's name. As a combination of the two worst chemicals, it's a true Democratic Republican and Federalist conundrum.$18.12 Vampire Soup Canadian soup with lots of American and British blood (especially in New Orleans, although a man named Andrew Jackson has already drank much of that area of the soup). However, a burning, white leaf seems to be right in the middle of it.$17.96 or $18.00 Shoe Stomped Vanilla and Chocolate Cake It's a truly horrible dish, with John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and Aaron Burr the first ones to make th