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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Earthquakes What are the different levels of earthquakes? I am going to write about the 8 different levels of earthquakes. The first one is so small that you can not even feel it but there are about 900,000 of them a year. The second one is very small but you can definitely feel them. There are about 30,000 of these a year. The next one is a bit more serious. If these occur they can cause minimum damage to buildings and other structures. There are about five hundred a year. The next magnitude can cause medium damage, and if it occurs hide or get outside immediately. The level four can cause damage that can make poles and other things to fall down but not major. The next earthquake is a very serious earthquakes haulage and can destroy whole communities especially ones by the epicenter. There are only about one every five to ten years. What place in the U.S. Is most at risk of a serious earthquake? The place in the U.S. That is most at risk of a serious earthquake is California because it is right above a tectonic plate. When these plates move they create earthquakes. You can imagine your hands are tectonic plates and oust them together or pull them apart. This is how earthquakes are created. How can we detect incoming earthquakes so we can warn people? We cannot detect when an earthquake will happen but we can see where it will happen. Although there is a tremor a few seconds before a earthquake, this does not give enough time to escape. How can we help people recover from earthquakes? One way we can help people recover is to donate to a charity. There are many earthquake charitys across the world. Another way to help is to actually go and help people. Should people have a good plan for earthquakes? People should have an emergency plan for earthquakes. One good plan is to hide under a table or a sturdy structure, but only for a magnitude four earthquake or under. Another good plan is to go outside so if a building falls down it will not fall on you
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