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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In 2010 the United States was considered one of the top 10 polluting countries in the world,and in recent years the average American emits around 27 tons per year, (Huffington Post Canada). I also am guilty of using 23 tons of carbon per year, but in comparison to the world average per person, one would only use 5.5 tons of carbon per year. The increased amount of carbon use already shows signs of negative impacts on the world such as the significant increase of the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere; however by comparing my own carbon, ecological, and water footprints to the average U.S. citizen, it allows people to create innovative plans to help curb their own carbon usage. This graph represents the amount of carbon I use: Purple: Carbon used for home energy (47.1%) Grey: Carbon used for driving and flying (21.6%)Pink: Carbon used for recycling waste (4.3%)This next graph compares my carbon usage to the United States' average carbon usage. Water used in my home and yard 45 gallons (2%)Water used for my diet 833 gallons (38.13%)Water used for your transportation/energy 1,184 gallons (51.12%)Water used by my stuff 204 gallons (9%)Total of: 2,316 gallons per day Whether people may realize it or not, society typically uses water everyday. The data shown to the right gives an estimate of my own water usage per year; which has been calculated by National Geographic. Along with both my carbon and ecological footprint. My Behavior Breakdown U.S. Average Behavior Breakdown Purple: Carbon used for home energy (36.8%)Grey: Carbon used for driving and flying (43.5%) Pink: Recycling and waste (4.4%) While interpreting both my use of carbon as well as the U.S average carbon usage, one can see that U.S. citizens typically emit the most carbon as either home energy or transportation. A couple ways to reduce America's carbon footprint include: 1. Replacing out dated appliances with moreenergy efficient machines2. Eat more organic foods 3. Drive energy efficient vehicles My Daily Water Usage (In Gallons) U.S. Average Daily Water Usage Water used in homes and yards 100 gallons (4.8%)Water used in American's diets 1,056 gallons (50.6%)Water used for transportation/energy 700 gallons (33.4%) Water used by U.S. possessions 232 gallons (11.11%)Total of: 2,088 gallons per day While interpreting both my use of water as well as the U.S daily average water usage, one can see that U.S. citizens typically use water the most either in their diets or in transportation. When trying to reduce the amount of water we use daily, a couple of ways to do so include: 1. Try using less water while cooking2. Eating less dairy with water in it will also reduce your daily water usage3. By carpooling with someone else, you can conserve water that is found in gasoline. In order to support my lifestyle we would need about 5.2 Earths! This is one of the reasons why our environment is in danger; making it necessary for us to ban together and work to preserve the Earth's natural beauty and resources because as of now, this is the only planet that can sustain human life that we have. My Environmental Footsteps A great way to get involved in reducing the amount of carbon and water we use is by first analyzing how much you actually use. Down below are twolinks that are super easy to use and will surely help anyone interested in helping to reserve our environment. 1. Carbon - Water - double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally.
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