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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GET PREPARED! FRIDAY WILL BE HERE BEFORE YOU KNOW IT! EAGLE DAYS DEC. 5, 2014 Please return the attachedpermission slip by Thursday,Dec. 4. Let me know if youare planning to join us, and/or have any questions. DEPARTURE AND RETURNWe will leave school asclose to 8:10 as possible andwe will return by 3:00. FOODPlease pack a lunch,drink, and snack foryour child. We will eaton the bus due thechilly temps. HIKEWe will hike alongthe Loess Bluffbefore returninghome. Dressappropriately. AUTO TOUROur auto tour will beginat 10:30. There areusually 4-5 stopsthroughout the reserve. CLOTHINGDress comfy and warm. Wewill spend most of the day onthe bus, but we will be in achilly building for the EagleShow, and we will possiblybe standing outside for variety of stops on the autotour. Finally, we will hike theLoess Bluff Trail before wego home. EAGLE SHOWWe will attend the 9:45 Show.There will be live eagles ondisplay that the caretakerswill tell us about. BIRD COUNTSAs of 11/25, there were:265 Canada Geese225 Trumpeter Swans100,000+ Mallard Ducks144 Eagles PREDICTED TEMPERATURESTemps are predicted to bebetween 30 and 40 whilewe are at the refuge. Brrr. BELONGINGSStudents may bring cameras,devices, and binoculars.Students will not be allowed totext, snapchat, or make phonecalls during school hours.STUDENTS WILL BERESPONSIBLE FOR THEMATERIALS THEY BRING! It's time for a field trip! EAGLE DAYS INFORMATION
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