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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 EZ Belly Blast Menu Options This is a list of fast and simple menu choices.There are even more menu options in the original FunBook, that may require more prep & clean up. Each Day Pick 3 meals, 2 Snacks & 1 Smoothie Meals... Breakfast Tricked out Eggs: sauté spinach or kale in EVOO, any pre-sliced veggies, dollop of garlic, crack 3-4 eggs on top after a bit,stir inInstant Oatmeal with blueberries, cinnamon, and honeyHard-boiled egg on the sideHalf cantaloupe deseeded and filled with yogurt and berries2 eggs scrambled over handful of pre-chopped onions and peppersSide of Quinoa Lunch... Cup of TJ Lentil Soup Avocado with Lemon Squeeze & Sprinkled with Sea Salt Spring Mix Greens toped with Cuban Style black beans, avocado, & veggies, add fresh squeezed lime and salt Organic Pea Soup with veggie chips Spring Mix greens Canned tuna drained stir with1 avocado Mix in chopped onion & red pepper Any TJ salad with dairy or wheat plucked out add splash of evoo and lemon/lime juice for dressing - or just do small amount of package Greens, TJ spicy guac autentico, can of tuna, EVOO
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