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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Strong financialsposition Ethan Allenfor international growth Ethan Allen Interiors, Inc. is an upscale interior design and furnitureretailer. Customers can rely on Ethan Allen for beautifully fashioned, unique pieces that fit any lifestyle. With flexibility in design and customized pieces following popular trends, Ethan Allen is fully prepared to furnish the homes of consumers in the South American region. Ethan Allen has a strong existing international presence Ethan Allen provides quality furniture tailored to any preference Ethan Allen Interior, Inc. can expect success in South America Ethan Allen can overcome the distance barriers Ethan Allen should consider the strong culturalfocus on family and religion when offeringcertain pieces and styles. Middle class has grown by 50% in the past decade,increasing demand for luxury goods. The middleclass continues to grow with increased value onhigher education. Access to waterways such as Pacific Ocean, CarribbeanSea, and Amazon River. Manufacturing plants in Hondurasand Mexico ease geographic distance. Network of 300 design centers globally Canada Jordan China COMING NEXT: Qatar, Dubai, North America Pacific Alliance (Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico) abolishestariffs between members. Ethan Allen can use its unit inMexico to capitalize on the reduced tariffs. Over 200 designersworldwide Earnings pershare increased32.4% to $1.47 Capital structure of 26.3% debt presents low risk Romania
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