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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Traditional Gaming: 21st Century Learner vs Non gaming: Media Literacy: Digital Storytelling: QR Codes: Gives studentsmore of a varietyto learn in the way they want to learnAddress multiple styles of learning. Games teachers use aren't engaging and students are only playing and not learning Reading books: Worksheets: Computer: Teachers aim toteach content, and process/practiceswith the use oftechnology. Focusing on how students better understand information Reading stories can be boring. But withmedia literacyit expands the child's imaginationFor them to create theirown story! Digital storytellingcan be used for allcontent areas.Gives students the choice to dowhat they want Helps studentsunderstand reallife experiences.Can use at the moviesor when making a purchase 20th CenturyLearner: Teachers taught onlyfor studentsto understand the standards. Worksheets are veryboring and aren't engaging TPACK: A computerdoesn't quitecompare to using a QR code. Today's students learn differently than traditional learners. We as teachers must find ways to teach to all students Students need to expandtheir imaginationsby creating their own story.Aren't able to do thiswhen just reading a book Throughout this class I have learned multiple ways to teach students in the 21stcentury. Our students now need more than just a blackboard in order to learn,they need other activities. This class gave me multiple ways to teach to today's learners. Learning about various apps that can be accessed on the iPad or computer are extremely helpful. Before I started this class I enjoyed the traditional classroom. The way it was taught and presented, but after doing some observations and taking this class I see that our students today need technology and not just the traditional teaching format.
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