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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Exploring Sovereignty in Tribal Education Standing Rock Sioux Tribe 2014-2015 ESITE Grant Fact Sheet Execute a comprehensive analysis and risk assessment of the current Finance,Human Resources, School Governance, and Academic systems in place at eachof the three BIE funded tribal grant schools and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribeto determine the tribes capacity to operate and manage tribal schools. Four Goals: Create, Measure and Evaluate Tribal Education Measures for Student Success(TEMSS) for tribally controlled schools that will include but will not be limited toESEA requirements with TEMSS laying the foundation for future school reform. Create a relationship with North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, SouthDakota Department of Education and the Bureau of Indian Education to identifythe processes and procedures utilized in the management of their schools anddevelop our own tribal processes and procedures for management of schools. Identify the barriers to Tribal Control of Education as well as identificationof legislative changes needed to address those barriers. Goal 4 Goal 3 Goal 2 Standing Rock Tribal Department of EducationPhone: 701-854-8545 Fax: 701-854-2175Email: For MoreInformation,Contact: 3 BIE FundedTribally Controlled Schools: Sitting Bull SchoolLittle Eagle, SD Rock Creek Grant SchoolBullhead, SD Goal 1 Standing Rock Community SchoolFort Yates, ND The goals of the ESITE grant will align tribally controlled schools on the Standing Rock Reservation to the educationalgoals of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. These goals, when reached, will improve the educational outcomes forstudents and will allow for efficient and effective operation of the BIE funded, tribally controlled schools on Standing Rock. Project Director: Sharon Two Bears Vision: The vision of a tribally managed school system for the Standing Rock SiouxTribe is one that is tribally centered, relevant, efficient, and respectful to theStanding Rock Oyáte (Nation) and operates independently of the BIE & FederalGovernment. As a sovereign nation, the Standing Rock Oyáte will be empoweredwith the wisdom and knowledge to realize their dreams and prosper. Info: Final Product: Human Resources, Academics, Governance, Finance 1 Year (2014 - 2015) Duration: Focus Areas: Implementation Plan
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