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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1 2 3 FUN FACT Erica comes equipped with Final Cut Suite on her personal laptop(this means that, if need be, volunteers can edit on the main computer while Erica edits on her own. YAY PRODUCTIVITY) for Multimedia Editor? Why should you vote Erica GOALS FOR THE 2015/16 YEAR: ENCOURAGE VOLUNTEERING MAKE MULTIMEDIA MORE ACCESSIBLE HAVE MORE "REGULAR" MULTIMEDIA FEATURES Simply taking a few minutes to visit journalism classes a few times a year to explain what it is the multimedia section does and how students can get involved would definitelyencourage volunteering. A lot of students have some great ideas and don't exactly know how to get involved. Learning something new can be intimidating for some people,which is why basic tutorial videos for new volunteers would bebeneficial. Extremely easy to make, tutorial videos for videoediting, infographic design and camera use tutorials amongothers would provide not only a great learning experiencefor new volunteers, but also increase the quality of their work. Do you like consistency? Most people do. Encouraging theregular publication of fun, engaging multimedia videos wouldincrease readership significantly. Bi-Weekly interviews withRavens athletes? A weekly roundup of events happening at Carleton? A monthly feature video on a leader in the Carleton community? Engaging videos would encourage Charlatan readers and viewers to visit Charlatan pages more often.
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