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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cellular Respiration, When the mitochondria produce energy for the cell Energy Processing Unit Final Project Where does this process happen? This process occurs in all organisms. So the organism can obtain energy. With no energy the organism couldn't think or function properly. This is when cells get energy from, glucose also called food This process happens in an organelle called the mitochondria Stomata, Openings in a plant that breathe in Co2 and out oxygen, Pigment, Something in a leaf that gives color and sometimes protection Facts about photosynthesis and cellular respiration Photosynthesis, When chloroplasts produce food for the autotroph The duty in which cells use energy from the sun to produce glucose The chloroplasts are used during this process In only autotrophs, who make their own food,this process occurs. To produce glucose,which is food. Chloroplast Mitochondria Photosynthesis Cellular Respiration CO2 H2O Energy O2 Glucose More Facts: O2 SmallMolecules CO2 H2O Energy Chlorophyll, The green and main pigment in a leaf Heterotroph, An organism that consumes food Autotroph, An organism that produces its own food Definitions: There are 2 steps to gaining energy: How are these processes a recycling system? 2. Then digest the food, and then you get energy. 1. You must eat the food or glucose As you can see in the diagram, the outputs of cellular respiration are the same as the inputs of photosynthesis. This is good, because when CR produces CO2 the process of photosynthesis turns it to O2. This is good for the environment.
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