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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fun Fact! Every year, 50-70 ERC students complete one or more MMW courses while studying abroad through the Global Seminars program! Understanding Your ERC GEs: Making of the Modern World is a 5-course sequence that explores a variety of different academic disciplines. It gives ERC students a foundation of knowledge in the social sciences, humanities, and writing that will help you succeed throughout your time at UCSD and beyond! FRESHMAN EDITION MAKING OF THE MODERN WORLD: NATURAL SCIENCE: ERC students take 2 classes from a list of approved Natural Science courses. Beakers and test tubes aren't your strong suit? Have no fear, there's a list of courses designed for Non-Science majors too! Quantitative and Formal Skills: Just like the natural science requirement, you'll also take 2 Q&FS courses from an approved list. These courses help our students develop formal reasoning, logic, and analytical skills. Regional Specialization: In fulfilling the Regional Specialization requirement, you get to choose a region of the world that you'd like to focus three courses on (at least two of which must be upper-division). This requirement is a great way to learn more about an area of the planet that you're interested in! Fine Arts: You get to explore your creative side for this requirement! You'll get to take one class from the departments of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance, or Music to complete this GE. Language Proficiency: All ERC students will be able to communicate proficiently in a modern foreign language. This requirement can either be met by coursework or other demonstrated ability to communicate in the language. This is a great skill to have if you want to travel! Upper Division Writing: One of the upper division courses that you take must include a significant amount of writing in English. This practice in writing will help you learn to effectively communicate in writing, an important skill in any field! For Specific GE information and lists of approved courses, please visit the ERC Academics website.
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