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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Era 6: American Industrialization 6.1.1- Factors in the Industrial Revolution: 6.1.2- Labor's Response to Industrial Growth: 6.1.3- Urbanization: 6.1.4- Population Changes/Immigration: 6.1.5- A Case Study Of American Industrialism: 6.3.1- Social Issues: 6.3.2- Causes and Consequences of Progressive Reform: 6.3.3- Womens Suffrage: Joan Chang5th hr During this time, technology advanced and factoriesbegan to pop up in the everywhere in the north. The useof people for hand labour began to change as more ideasformed machines and the Transcontinental Railroad help the expansion Social Issues are problems that occur within society. It is a consequence that extends beyond an individuals control. Asocial issue during Era 6 would be: Alcohol Prohibitions orimmigration During this time many immigrants were floodingto the major cities in United States. As well as manypeople from rural areas, like farms, also came swarming into the cities. So as a result, cities became tooovercrowded. Because of the overcrowding, citiesbecame dirty, unsafe, and unhealthy places to live. The progressive reform began around the around the1900s. At this time there were many progressive politicians,journalist, and organizations. One of themajor issues they were sdressing at this time was the working conditions for laborers. At this time women began to get sick of not having a sayin anything that went on in society. So a group of women created The National Women Suffrage Association. After much protest, the women eventually gotthe right to vote. As a result of industrialism, there was a massmovement from rural to urban areas. Cities werenot ready for this large amount of people and therefore the cities became a dangerous and dirtyplace The American Revolution was a big improvement intechnology. Machines were created and the cost ofproduction decreased while production rate multiplied Workers thought they deserved more than what they weregetting.So they had strategies to let their bosses know that they were serious.They had sick-outs, slow downs (slow down production),negotiations, and strikes. These worker took whatever was necessary to get what they wanted. Eventually they started Unions which representedworkers, and helped them fight for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.
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