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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2013 NJDCF becomes sole funder 2011 Program receives funding 2010 EPPC subcontracts with partners 2012 2014 Increase in referrals *Gateway Northwest Maternal & Child Health Network*Northern NJ Maternal-Child Health ConsortiumMarch 29th: receive 1st referralMay 24th: reach 100 referrals Timeline of Essex Pregnancy & Parenting Connection Major events Major events Start of Essex Project LAUNCH EPPC presents at national AMCHP conference and NJ Help Me Grow meeting Coordinate training for Essex home visitors on: * Childbirth Education Competencies (Apr) * HIV in collaboration with the FXB Center (Jul) July 31st: 2nd Annual HV Appreciation Day June: Receive 2500th referral June 22nd: EPPC organizes 1st Annual Home Visiting Appreciation Day October: EPPC highlighted at PCAA National Conference in Jacksonville, FL June 2014: 5,000th referral June 2014: 5,000th referral March 2010: 1st referral March 2010: 1st referral 2009 * NJ Dept of Children & Families* The Nicholson Foundation January: Central intake expands to focus on birth - age 8 May 16th: 1st Pregnancy Palooza June: Referrals surpass 5,000 June 13th: 3rd Annual Home Visiting Appreciation Day August 2nd: EPPC holds 1st Big Latch On in Newark October 15th: Breastfeeding Symposium October/November: EPPC/LAUNCH ads on NJ Transit buses and bus shelters June 10th: EPPC holds community baby shower October: EPPC becomes an advisor to the Arkansas Home Visiting Network
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