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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] LEGAL UPSTREAM : GLOBAL BUSINESS ENTRY GUIDE 2 TIP: Calibrate your Thermometer when it is brand new, been dropped or every 6 months. Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil Fill a glass with crushed ice & water Hot Method Cold Method this brings the water temperature to 212F 2 Insert thermometer, keep away from side 1 this creates an icy slurry that will be really close to 32F after a couple minutes after a minute or so your thermometer should show the temperature With a wrench, hold the nut on the back and turn the dial to read 32F visit for more great ideas after a minute or so your thermometer should show the temperature Hot Method Cold Method 1 2 3 Legal Considerations To Establish PETRONAS is in the business of ENTERING & EXPANDING in new countries in its pursuit of strategic international ventures. It may be do so by way of: - ORGANIC GROWTH (i.e.setting up new operations) or - strategic MERGERS & ACQUISITION (i.e.strengthening existing operations)Legal Upstream lawyers must: - ESTABLISH all applicable legal considerations relating to the entry in the jurisdiction - HIGHLIGHT & ADVISE associated legal risks - SUGGEST appropriate legal mitigation to broach the socio-economic, geo-political & reputational considerations Prevailing Legal System Prevailing Judicial System (e.g. Civil Law-Azerbaijan,Common Law-New Zealand,Pluralistic Law-Cyprus, Islamic Law-Maldives, Customary Laws etc.) (e.g. Constitutional Court system & pathway to liability determination, appeal process, enforcement of judgment etc.) Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Trends (e.g. applicability of contractual clauses, prevailing choices of arbitration, mediation, conciliation rules & forum, New York Convention enforcement of foreign arbitral award etc.) Applicable Extra-Territorial Laws (e.g. US & EU trade & financial sanctions, Trans-Pacific Partnership trade arrangement, Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) etc.) Applicable Jurisdictional Laws Implications of Political Regime (e.g. CORPORATE laws relating to substance rule, thin-cap rule,minimum shareholding,resident director,foreign direct investments (FDIs), anti-dummy rule, permanent establishment (PE) risks, fund repatriation restrictions, loan restrictions etc. BUSINESS operational licensing requirements,environmental laws & liability regime etc. EMERGING laws on anti-competition, anti-money laundering, anti-bribery etc.) (e.g. contractual risks arising from change ingovernment of the day to stabilisation clause, militarycoups, civil unrest to force majeure clauses, etc.) 1 2 3 4 5 6
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