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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Physical TherapyPatient Centered Care Physical TherapyPatient - Centered Care WEIGHT, Take advantage of our experience since 1983 ofmaking healthcare work. $600$1,20 0 $600-$1,20 0 EMPLOYEES & FAMILIES EMPLOYEES & FAMILIES WE TREAT 1:1. ALWAYS. NO OVERLAPPING OR CO-TREATMENT. WIN - WIN FOR EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEEES TX:TEAM DOESN'T USE VISIT QUOTAS. WE TREAT UNTIL THE PATIENT IS WELL. A Permanent Employer-Based Outpatient Therapy Department Makes Dollars & "Sense" Reduces blood pressure and inflammation OUR MODEL INCLUDES: Tx:Team Rehab Inc 8777 Purdue Road Ste. 330 Indianapolis, IN 46268 800-603-6046 PREVENTION. ENHANCED FUNCTION. REHAB. MAINTENANCE. TREATING ACROSS THE CONTINUUM HOME EXERCISE PROGRAMS BODY MECHANICS & STRETCHING WORK CONDITIONING & HEALTHY HABITS ERGONOMICS BALANCE TREATMENT OF PAIN SYNDROMES & CHRONIC INJURIES Controls blood sugar levels INJURY PREVENTION & STRENGTHENING TREATMENT OF WORK RELATED & SPORTS INJURIES 2540% 25-40% EMPLOYER S EMPLOYER S double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Typical Out of Pocket Savings Typical Out of Pocket Savings On-Site or Near-Site Reduced Time Away from Work Work Comp Services Healthier Workforce THE HEALTHCARE LANDSCAPE HAS CHANGED Lowers "bad" cholesterol levels Convenient Location Familiar Healthcare Providers Individualized Plan of Care No Cost Out of Pocket to Employee EMPLOYERBASED CLINICS EMPLOYER-BASED CLINICS A Reduction in Therapy Costs A Reduction in Therapy Costs SAVINGS VS RETAIL SETTING In addition to creating real economic value to employers, we tailor the therapy services to meet the needs of the employee and his or her family Tx:Team provides the clinicians and manages the deliveryof services. Take advantage of our experience since 1983 ofmaking healthcare work.
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