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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] The Lone Ranger The initial budget for my filmwas $225million and an extra$150million for marketing. The distributors for my filmwas Walt Disney Pictures andWalt Disney Motion Picture. Casting was important for success as by having Johnny Depp as one of the lead roles it makes the film more well known and appeals to a stronger audience. My film was given a certificate of 12A. The initial pre productionstarted in march 2002, no specific date was revealed. Other titles the distributor have released include The chronicles of narnia: The lion, the witch and the wardrobe , Pirates of the caribbean, Saving Mr Banks and many more family classics. I would describe the films marketability as family orientatedand definitely aims at Johnny Deppfans. The principal photography stage started on March 8th, 2002. Marketing Other films brought out at the same timewhich could have caused an congestion in the film market includes Frozen for its family aimed style and The hobbit for its similar style (action). The special effect company was Industrial Light and Magic. The director was Gore Verbinski,some of his films include Pirates ofcaribbean, The secret life of Walter Mitty,The Weather Man and more. Production Distribution/ Exhibition Some above the line marketingincluded bringing out little snippets of the film in the upcoming weeks prior to the release of the film. These videos were brought out on different social mediasites such as youtube, twitter, and some linkswere added on to their Facebook page. Other ways of above the line marketing was the mass production of merchandise surrounding the film, for example kids pyjamas,figurines, and their collaboration with Lego, bringing in a large audeicne from the film and because of thehuge following Lego have. Exchange The Lone Ranger opened in 3,904 screens the UK and US. The US release date was the3rd of July 2013. Chosen because of its closeness to independence day, gaining more sales for the family orientated nature of it, and with independence day being a family day.
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