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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Basic Google searches primarily for images and basic informationWikipedia is main resourceYouTube for musicComputer viewed primarily as an entertainment toolNeed strong guidance for searching and creating LevelEntering/Beginning(WIDA Levels 1-2) English Language Acquisition Level Basic social and classroom language ie follow instructions, identify and label itemsSingle words, short phrases, very simple sentencesBeginning general academic language Technology Use in the Classroom Simple Google slide presentationFind and label content related picturesOnline dictionary/translator websitesBasic Google Drive functions ie Docs, Slidesand sharingBasic digital storytelling apps ie Powtoons, Petchaflickr LevelDeveloping - Expanding WIDA Levels 3-4 English Medium Internet Literacy Expanded use of resources BloggingSchool based projects and assignmentsComputer becoming more of a learning toolMore independent in selecting media English Language Acquisition Level Confident in social language -increasing confidence in academic language: content related conversations, produce short reportsSimple and expanded sentencesBeginning content specific and technical vocabularyGeneral academic languageGrowing cohesion in speaking and writing Technology Use in the Classroom Google Drive and Google ClassroomPresentation apps: infographics, movie presentations, mapping activities, creating quizzes Chrome extensions for dictionary and translation LevelBridging-ReachingWIDA Levels 5-6 English Medium Internet Literacy English Medium Internet Literacy Advanced bloggingComputer =the learning toolConfident and able to search for information both personal and school relatedBetter understanding of internet safety and privacyAble to be selective in searching for reliable resources English Language Acquisition Level Approaching English proficiency of native speaking peersExpanded academic language Improved linguistic complexityUsage of specific and technical language Extended research projectsWider variety of sourcesIndependent and group projects outside of class Technology Use in the Classroom Technology vs Language Acquisition double click to change this header text! A look inside the evolution of the ELD Student
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