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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 $50,000 needed to buy-in, otherwise neg. Either Non-profits or for business orgs can be founders pending approval. Rights to use the land are renewed each year though shared costs and profits equally among the members. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Below $50,000 Usage Rights RIGHTS TO USE THE LAND FOR FOUNDING MEMBERS Be among the first group to set the tone for the collective Vision, Property, & Business. "OTHER" memberships Bronze, Silver and Gold type memberships agreements formed and agreed on by the Cooperative and the Management team. This membership level gives others the ability to use the land, community, and cooperative resources in smaller amounts. Includes members only website. Vote rules do not apply in these standard membership packages. A portion of the proceeds should go to secure the land (part of collective ownership), the management team sales commissions and a proposed % should always go to charity if approved by the collective. Packages and levels can be as many as needed. Voting rights given based on the amount paid for a membership. Buy in and Land usage rights Buy In Based on the % you buy of the project TOTAL. 5% of the project total = a 5% time use the property.The larger the amount invested = The more rights to use the land.To pay for 1/12 of the project is one months useevery year or otherwise neg. Same as founders just less % based on less invested. UsageRights At this level, everything works on the same principle but with a lower min. to get started. One idea for this level, is to have a % go to land use for charity as well as the project total... Sustaining Level Members - Same, but with a lower buy-in min. Buy-In Vote AGAIN BASED ON THE % INVESTED IN THE PROJECT TOTAL.1/12 Model.
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