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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What to do-Remain calm and reassure him/her-Check his/her asthma action plan oremergency card for actions.-Give rescue or reliever medications if orderedand available (should carry his/her own inhaler)-Have him/her sit up and breathe in through thenose, out through pursed lips slowly.-Have him/her sip room temperature water/ fluids.-Contact the parent or guardian, then emergencypersonnel as necessary.-Do not leave him/her unattended. Ut enim ad minim Prevention-use inhaler prior to running-warm up and cool down-keep face covered in cold conditions-breathe through nose Causes-cold air (cross country)-dry air (Indoor track)-pollution (urban areas)-high pollen count (allergies)-extended deep breathing activity(distance running) What happens-Narrowing of airways-Not the root cause of asthma-inflammation & production of mucus in airways Complications-lack of beneficial exercise-poor performance-serious or life threateningbreathing problems BewareAsthma is the 3rd leading cause ofhospitalizations among children under 15.In about 70 to 90% of all people who haveasthma physical exertion can cause asthma attacks.Asthma is the most common chronic disease causingabsence from school.Exercise-induced asthma attacks normally start about fiveto ten minutes after you have stopped the physical activity. Call Tracking :Les chiffres cles What to look for-coughing-wheezing-shortness of breath-chest tightness/pain-fatigue-upset stomach-decreased endurance EXERCISE INDUCED ASTHMA in RUNNING is really Exercise Induced Bronchiostriction - Must have-Asthma Action Plan from physician-fast acting rescue inhaler
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