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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2002 1964 Youth EFNEP Begins 1969 1970 1890 Land-Grant Institutions, Tuskegee University, West Virginia State University Receive EFNEP Funding 1987 Today's Mom Adult EFNEP Begins 50 Year Celebration in Alabama Award-winning Today's Momcurriculumincreasesnumber of healthy babies. 2014 1968 First Federal Appropriation 2009 Alabama's Debra Glenn recognized at National 35th EFNEP Celebration in Washington, D.C. What national nutrition program has its roots in Alabama? Ten million dollars appropriated nationwide by Congress through U.S. Department of Agriculture. Pilot project becomes known as the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP). EFNEP Alabama had a very ambitious, highly documented pilot project. 4-H D.O.T. (Diet's Our Thing)curriculum is implemented in 10 counties by volunteers in January 1970. 4-H D.O.T. is statewide by 1977 as 57 counties are added. Part-time educators hired in 1979. Alabama initiatesadult EFNEP in 19 counties in January 1969. Early nutrition education revolves around commodity foods,visuals, and easy-to-read publications. By 1972, adult EFNEP is in all 67 counties. 1993 Alabama explores regionalsupervision. First Area EFNEP Agent named in 1993. Due to success, six Area EFNEP Agents named in 1995. 2004 EFNEP Creed Written Alabama's Sylvia Harris and Annabell Anderson recognized at National 40th EFNEP Celebration in Washington, D.C. 1996 2013 Text Messaging Program Initiated 1985 Cook-It Alabama moves away from one-on-one teaching and toward small-group teaching with Cook-It. Alabama creates a model for seamless nutrition education called ACENEP on October 1, 2002. Merger ends in 2004. Regional Supervision Mom's Helper Mom's Helper, an in-homebreastfeeding education and support program, is piloted in 4 counties. Mom's Helper expands to 14 counties by 1999. 1993 Pilot Project Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program 45 Year Celebration in Alabama Alabama A&M Universityand Tuskegee Universityin Alabama receive fundsto implement EFNEP. EFNEP and SNAP-Ed Merge 40 Year Celebration in Alabama 2006 Today's Mom Revised 2005 Alabama, Massachusetts, Missouri, Rhode Island, and Texas were states selected to pilot EFNEP. Alabama's Auburn University implements pilot project from July 1, 1964 to June 30, 1969. EFNEP Educators Employed Full TIme
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