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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 EDIFICIO CLAUDIA PATRICIA Ubicado en la Calle 147 con Av. 19 Esquina. Bogotá, D.C. Un Edificio de 8 Apartamentos y un Local Comercial. LA MEJOR ESQUINA DE BOGOTA! Oportunidad para la Expansion Inmboliaria. 8 APTOS. Y 1 LOCAL 413 M2 - AREA DE LOTE. ÚNICA OPORTUNIDAD! UBICACION ESTRATEGICA 1945 - Tweaking the tail 1958 - The fishtail logo ESPECIAL PARA: ESQUINA 1961 - The white wave CONTACTO: 2005 - Aluminium bottles INFOGRAPHIC BY AF. Los propietarios están de acuerdoen la venta del Edifcio. Construcción de EdificioConstrucción de Local oLocales. El escenario positivo de tener a todos los Copropietarios de acuerdo en la venta. At first, the Trademark was added to the tail of the first C, but this was removed and placed below the name. The Arden Square logo was introduced to the world in 1969 and the Coca-Cola script was now underlined with the white wave called the "Dynamic Ribbon Device". This period saw the introduction of the 'Fishtail'logo (aka the Arciform). The term comes from the fact that both sides of the logo look like fish tails. AVENIDA 19CALLE 147BOGOTA23 MTS. X 18 MTS. For the share happiness campaign, you could send a Coke to your mate and have his / her name printed on it instead of the logo. HAYATH HALABI+57 Over 5 continents, design firms from all overcame together to design a new aluminiumcontour bottle called M5. Un lote especial para la Construcción de Local o Locales, o la construcción de un edificio. Mejor Ubicación SobreVia Principal de Bogota. 2011 - Share a Coke bottle Medidas Aproximadas. INMUEBLE UNICO!
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