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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 discovered by nativehaitians hundredsof years ago, andplaced of EDGE list in 2008 Two main things wouldhave to be done toprevent extinction.One is deforestationwould have to besignificantly reduced.The other is thatinvasive species shoudbe removed from thehabitat. solenodonsare quite slow andclumsy, and have greatdifficulty escaping introduced predators.However, it would bedifficult to convincepeople of either pointbecause deforestationis related to major sourcesof income, and some ofthe problematic invasiv species are housepets. because of this, someof the species shouldbe conserved via captivity. There are only two speciesof selenodon left alivetoday, and this speciesonly lives on the islandof Haiti. The species isendangered mainly dueto habitat loss fromdeforestation and theintroduction of predatoryof invasive species suchas dogs, cats, andmongooses.(It has nonatural predatorsand therefore iseasy prey.) If this species were to go extinct, it could have an impactin that there may be an increase in the species it preysupon (this includes snakes, lizards and birds). Theyplay a significant role in population control.The loss would also be tragic because it is one of onlytwo species in its family. EukariaAnaialiaChordataMammaliaSoricomorphaSolenodontidaeSolenodonParadoxus Hispaniolan Solenodon (Solenodon paradoxus) only in Haiti
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