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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Making Music Literacy Listenable An EDR 321 Infographic Theory and Analysis banana Composition FILL MEIN WITH INTERESTINGCOPY The biggest problem that educators run into is that students need to play increasingly complicated music while being deprived of more and more practice time. This dilemma only becomes worse when the majority of thedirectors evaluation comes from the success at festivals.The lack of continued support in learning to read musichas shown that students are starting to fall behind asthey reach higher levels in education. (Asmus 7) Including more reading into the regular class time can benefit students greatly in their literacy Musical Scores Students often have little to noexperience with how to compose orimprovise. Seeing as this is an aspect of music that is essential in furtherlearning and synthesis, I aim to givethese students as many experiences in owning their education and application of their knowledge. The more experience that a student can get in these subjects, the better musicians they can become.(Poutiainen 513) The more experience that students can get with theory and analysis, the morecomplete their education can be.If students can understand how musicis put together, then they will have an easiertime putting the other pieces together While taking time to discuss music and how it fits into the big picture of history, it is also necessaryto understand the conditions and situationsthat gave rise to the music that they are playing. This canalso help students develop a betterunderstanding of history and otherarts and where music falls in this context.(Pitts 61) Historical Significance double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Asmus, E. (2004). Music Teaching and Music Literacy. Journal of Music Teacher Education , 6-8.Pitts, L. B. (2013). Music Education, Isolated or Integrated? Music Educators Journal , 59-62.Poutiainen , A. (2012). Stay Creative! - Maintaining Individual Potential through Music Education. The 5th International Conference of Intercultural Arts Education 2012: Design Learning, (pp. 507516). Helsinki.
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