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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Job description: If you are a professional Athlete you are in a pro sport like football and you are one of the best players in the world and you must be the bet of the best Description Earnings Earnings: How much you earn all depends on your skill level if you are new to the league you will probably earn a bit less than a million if you are amazing you might make $120 million in some sports like football. Work location: In pro sports you can work anywhere from Canada to the USA. You play hockey in arenas mostly in yourhome arena any ways. But in some sports like NFL football you only play in the US. Location Work conditions: in this job it is stressful and is very noisy with all the fans cheering you on there is a lot of pressure to win the game especially in your teams stadium or wherever its called. Work conditions Volunteer focus: there is no volunteer focus on being a pro athlete. volunteer focus Education: there are actually no education requirements for being a professional athlete only skill requirement. Personal requirements: to be a pro athlete you most train at least half your summer break you also must go to all practices if you are not injured. Next you must be in shape if you are not in shape you will not of the energy to play so you must be in shape. Finally you must be good at the sport if you are horrible at playing good luck with getting on the team. Personal requirements Education Job availability: It is very; very rare to get into pro sports you must be the best of the best. You must train every summer and every week. Plus once you get in you cant just slack off you have to stay on top or else you will be put off the team Pro Athlete Job availability
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