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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lingo Live for 1-to-1 lessons at EC New York The Lingo Live scheduling platform offers EC teachers and students convenientand intuitive scheduling of 1-to-1 classes outside of centre operation hours. With built-in goal-setting and feedback features, Lingo Live allows students to design their own programme and track their progress, while teachers and students can easily coordinate mutually ideal meeting times for 1-to-1 learning. Lingo Live Project Manager connected to EC Project Manager (Dave Symonds), Generic login details generated for training purposes Testing functionality of class meeting platforms (Skype vs. Google Hangouts) for use with Lingo Live Lingo Live team continues progress on EC-only space withinthe Lingo Live scheduling platform PDF file of step-by-step process for students to create and accessaccounts, set learning goals, choose their teachers and schedules Creation of PDF file of step-by-step guide for teachers to createand utilise accounts, manage schedules, become familiar withLingo Live's representation of the CEFRs Refinement of training materials to include details specific to theEC version of the site, including screen captures for user guides Introduction and training session on the new EC/Lingo Livescheduling platform, Q&A with teachers and staff in NYC EC-branded Lingo Live platform scheduled for completion Implementation. Students and Teachers at EC New Yorkstart using the EC/Lingo Live platform for 1-to-1 classes 2nd weekMarch 2nd weekApril 3rd week March 4th week March 1st weekApril 3rd weekApril 4th weekApril
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