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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DEUTSCHE BANK 29 30 31 32 33 34 January February March April May SETH WESTON, $$$ Portfolio Overview Total Invested ($): 42,231.84Remaining Balance ($): 57,878.54Overall Unrealized Gains/Losses ($): 1990.66Total Equity Gains ($): 102,109.48Net Equity Gains ($): 2109.48Percent Return (%): 2.11 Stock Portfolio Name of Company: Deutsche BankTicker: DBPurchase Price: 31.26Number of Shares (Total): 300Ending Price (as of 12/5/14): 33.07Gains or Losses ($): 543.15 Investment Rationale When I looked to invest in my stock I wanted to invest in a company that I was familiar with or at least previously knew about it. After looking through a multitude of stocks I narrowed my choices down to a few that included Deutsche Bank. The next part of my process to choose which stock I would ultimately pick, was to look at their past few months and plans for the future. Deutsche Bank was targeted at its low point for the year which made it ideal to invest in. The phrase buy low, sell high was stuck in my head and this company really hit me right away. They made it even sweeter when they did release plans to help their investments rise again. The statement that was released appealed to the bigger investors of the company and DB got the go ahead. Group Strategy Collectively as a group at the beginning we thought it would be better to split up and invest in companies in the different markets we were familiar with. This was our idea of Specialization, where a person in our group knew about certain companies more than another. When investing we wanted to keep them low so we tried not to invest in anything over 70 dollars per stock initially. Before investing in any stock we looked at how each company had been doing previously and then made a decision from there. Group's Future Changes We would definitely want to play again because there are many things we could have changed throughout our time while playing. The first thing we would change is checking on our stocks more often, we could of made more logically decisions about when to sell stocks that were at their peak or when to buy more of our current stocks. Second, we could have researched more, some of the stocks we bought went wrong very quickly and since this was a short term investment game it really hit us hard. Finally, I believe we should of bought more stocks in the companies that we were comfortable investing in.
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