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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BENEFITS OF EARLY and EXTENDED LEARNING In California half of low-income preschool-aged children do not have access to state preschool and Head Start. During The A Child's Brain Develops 700 Neural Connections Per Second That's about 225,000 children-enough to fill 3,215 school buses First 3 Years SJUSD Desired Results Assessment Profile 73% 78% of SJUSD Head Start 4-5 year olds are at building and integrating skill levels in mathematics as compared to 77% in the state 80% 85% of SJUSD 4-5 year olds are at building and integrating skill levels in language and literacydevelopment as compared to 76% in the state of SJUSD English learner 4-5 year olds are at the building and integrating skilllevels in English language development as compared to 53% in the state of SJUSD 4-5 year olds are at thebuilding and integrating level in social and emotional development as compared to 84% in the state In a four year early learning studyresearchers found that childrenof high income families wereexposed to more words than children in low incomefamilies by the age of 3 30 Million double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Extended Learning Time 73% of afterschool programs arelocated in a public school building and public schoolsare one of the main providersof services On Average children spend Well Rounded Education 7.37 hours and 3.62 days per week in afterschool programs. A review of 30 high performingschools found that after schoolprogram provides a including access to hands-on activities in science, visual andperforming arts and communityservice
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