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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A few facts about East quarterly: almost 1,200 people visit theirwebsite per week. It is updated every month, with all the information about the following month that you need to know. My EAST Project East Quarterly Toward the beginning of the schoolyear, my team and I decidedwe wanted to help the students of thisschool be informed. After a long time of thinking how to make this possible,Mrs. Edmonson recomended we use EAST Quarterly. We signed up for EAST Quarterly and looked at examples made. Final Cut Pro X I also learned how to use Final Cut Pro.My group and I watched many videos for a long time to fully understand how to use it. Once we watched enough videos touse Final Cut Pro,we started running app. We also got a lot of help from Destine and Kandra, who learned a lotabout Final Cut Pro in a meeting. She typed everythingshe could remember and shard it with my group and I. Green Screen In order to use Final Cut Pro, we needed to use a green screen.So, Mrs. Edmonson let us use it. My group got out the screen screen and set it up! I did mostof the work. During EAST Night Out, Mrs. Fulguhm gave us an idea for aproject. She recommended we make a video for kindergarten students. LEGOS I learned how to play and build a Spaceship with Legos. It was awesome. Mrs. Edmosdson came and destroyed. It looked a little like this. In conclusion, this first semester has been great. Ireally enjoyed the freedom we had in this class. I hope thenext semester is just as great.
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