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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 -Read Chapters 9-10- Prepare for Presentation with group - Study for Final Exam Weeks 7-12 Weeks 13-18 Weeks 1-3 Weeks 3-6 Homework: - Read Chapters 1 - 3 - Choose a Team Project Topic for Semester Homework: FINAL EXAM DUE 5/22 AT 11:59 P.M. - Read Chapters 3-4- Milestone #1- Exam #1 - Don't forget to read the materials for class! This will help you stay on track!- You will be working with Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest these weeks! Make sure you have an account!- When doing Milestones Projects, split tasks evenly through group so everyone stays involved!- Make sure you complete tests before the deadline! - Read Chapters 5-8 - Exam #2-Milestone #2 -These weeks you will be working with the apps Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Vine. Be familiar with these apps- You will also be working on a personal branding project to identify yourself, as well as a blogging project to see all aspects of Social Media- Be prepared for a Guest Speaker, and make sure Milestone #3 is turned in. -We've entered the final weeks of the semester! Make sure you look at all your grades and missing assignments.- Get together with you group over the next few weeks and discuss what you will do and what is needed for the final project.- Make sure to complete milestone #4 and be ready for the last unit exam! Homework: Homework: - Get to Class Early! Saddleback parking can be a pain!- Be outgoing and meet your fellow classmates! - You will be representing a specific marketing topic of your choice to represent through aspects of Social Media- Look for classmates who share similar interests as you do! This will help narrow and decide what topic to represent. Resources: Spring 2014 Social Media Marketing Syllabus A How to Guide: Professor Knapp's Social Media Marketing By: Dylan Fisher WELCOME TO BUS 105
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