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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Public Service Announcement Corruption Starts at the Top At Empire Avenue In previous Public Service Announcements we have detailed some of the public attacks by Empire Avenue player, and now leader, Gareth Davies.It is clear that Duleepa "Dups" Wijayawardhana knows about these attacks, and condones them.Dups, as he is known, is the founder, former CEO and current Board Member of Empire Avenue.On July 28, 2013 then player, now leader of Empire Avenue Michelle D. Harris of Fairy Dust Media made a rather shocking discovery. Another Empire Avenue player had a rather large amount of fake followers according to a wellrespected application. Gareth Davies took it upon himself to tweet about that openly, and tweet to Dups about why Empire Avenue would hire the other player to do social media for Empire Avenue.Dups, showing no respect for that other players privacy, apparently told Gareth Davies that thebusiness Empire Avenue was giving to the other player would be terminated.This is a shocking ethical breach, and breach of privacy. Both Gareth Davies and the other playerare in the business of social media.Thus Dups has no problem telling one business competitor, that is also his customer, about another players business, that is also his customer.If you wonder at the corruption at Empire Avenue, look no further than Dups. If you wish to play a game where Gareth Davies can show up and attack you for whatever reason he wishes, give Empire Avenue a try. If you want to play a game where other leadership will lie, instead of deal with the obvious bully, play Empire Avenue. I reported Gareth Davies andChris Sandys attacks to Empire Avenue "support."Support openly lied on manyoccasions. Thus I blog about this to alertthe public.Empire Avenue simply refusesto stop attacking their owncustomers. And Empire Avenue hasdone nothing to stop hisbullying. Gareth Davies, in leadership at Empire Avenue has been suspended by @twitter for violent threats, tweeting private information, and warned for violent threats against me, a customer of Empire Avenue's. Empire Avenue support confirmed I was their customer on 9/8/2014.2 days after Gareth Davies tweeted his intent to bully me to Chris Sandys, also in leadership at Empire Avenue and celebrity Nancy Abt. Team Leader Nance Larson considers attacks on customers "old news." Empire Avenue nor@Twitter require youto register with legalname. Chris Sandys wantsthe attacks coveredup. I refused. Please note that most of what I have documented takes place in the open, on @twitter.The question for @Twitter CEO Dick Costolo? Why is Empire Avenue allowed to viciously attack their customers, and yours so openly? On @Twitter. "IT'S NOBODY'S FAULT BUT MINE." Twitter CEO: 'We suck at dealing with abuse'"
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