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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How do drugs get into the United States and where do they come from? Drugs that come from Mexico can be smuggled over in a variety of different ways. One common way drugs cross the border is just running them across into the deserts of southern states (especially Arizona), while another person is standing watch from a hill to look out for guards. There are also many tunnels under the American border that drug dealers crawl through carrying usually about 40 pounds of their drugs at a time. Colombia is another major illegal drug supplier for the US with their multi-national cocaine empire. They have enough money and control to afford advanced smuggling equipment like their new submarine that was recently discovered by the Colombian police. Small airplanes were also used to fly large quantities of cocaine into the US. They even had a secluded island in theCaribbean where the planes could refuel. -The drug trafficking business in Mexico is worth over 50 billion dollars per year.-If the drug trafficking industry in Mexicowas lost, it is believed that the economy would shrink by about 63%-More than 30,000 arrests linked with smuggled drugs are made by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) every year-There are about 4400 DEA officers dedicatedfull-time to busting drug smugglers -The Colombian cocaine business is worth over 10 billion dollars a year-Colombia produces 43% of the world's cocaine-Colombia's defense spending has gone up to $12 billion since it began its crackdown on drugs
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