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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Drug Use in North Carolina Drug Use in North Carolina 18% Of teens drank alcohol before age Alcohol 13 6% Of high school students havehad alcohol and driven. 34% Have ridden in acar with someonepreviously drinking. 338 have driven after alcohol consumption. people >18 Also referred to as Ethyl alcohol. Taken by drinking andis a depressant that causes a temporary calming effect. It results in loss of motor functions, impaired judgment, vomiting, headaches, andsometimes unconsciousness. Longer term use can cause nerve damage, liverdisease, high blood pressure, brain damage, and cancer. The most common drug in the U.S. comesfrom Cannabis sativa and is known as Marijuana. Marijuana is smoked as a cigarette, in a pipe, a bong, or a cigar. It effectsa persons memory, attention span, and slows down reaction time. Thesmoke from marijuana contains 50-70% more cancer causing substancesthan tobacco smoke. 43% Of high school teens have usedMarijuana at least once. Alcohol abuse claim overlives in one year. 3,000,000 In 2013, more than people were arrested for the illegaluse of marijuana. 693,000 Nicotine, One of the most harmful drugs is an addictive substance found in tobacco. Nicotine can be taken by smoking, chewing anddipping. It can be blamed for several types of cancer including mouth, lung, and throat, aswell as causing heart disease or stroke. In North Carolina,of high school students havesmoked at least once and 18% 11% have tried snuffor chewing tobacco. Each year, about people die from smoking andanother live with a serious illness caused by smoking. 443,000 8.6 million Other Statistics Inhalants, such as spray paints thatinduce a "high," are at 11% Cocaine use in 2012 across the U.S.was at 4% 7% of teens in NC have use pain relieversfor nonmedical purposes. 78,000 teens have used an illicit drug in the past month.102,000 used pain relievers non-medically63,000 engaged in binge drinking31,000 needed treatment for their drug problems, but did not receive it. To get help with a substance abuse contact Inspirations, a North Carolinateen rehab center, at Or locate another local rehab center.Tips for a Recovery: talking with friends and family, exercise, joining a support group,and taking it one day at a time.
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