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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cocaine Stimulant, powerfully addictive Increases heart rate, makes one breathe faster, can cause throbbing and convulsions PCP Hallucinogen, very addictive Users fail to see realityExperience visions and sensationsof an alternate world Peyote Mushrooms Marijuana Hallucinogen, not very addictiveUsers experience an alternate worldClaim to see and hearthings that are not actual Depressant, low addiction probablility Users feel relaxed with decreased blood pressureand breathing rates Hallucinogen, not very addictive Alters the brain to perceive thingsthat are not real Heroin: Depressant, highly addictive, releases endorphins that provide pleasure Ecstasy/ Molly: Hallucinogen and Stimulant, 10% addiction rate, highlights sensations and makes users hyperaware Oxycodone: Depressant, highly addictive, calms down nerve endings, breathing, and heart Methamphetamine: Stimulant, highly addictive, increased activity and body temperature Inhalants: Depressant, highly addictive, makes user tired, lazy, and sad LSD: Hallucinogen, not very addictive, causes visions/sights that are not actual Amphetamines: Stimulant, very addictive as tolerance builds quickly, messages between brain and body speed up Ritalin: Stimulant, not very addictive, increases pulse and heart rate Salvia: Hallucinogen, not very addictive, changes in vision/ mood swings/ loss of contact with reality K2 Spice: Hallucinogen, not very addictive, elevated heart rate/ vomiting Sources: Genny Jacobs Cvikel 7 "Drug Free World: Substance and Alcohol Abuse, Education and Prevention."Drug Free World: Substance and Alcohol Abuse, Education and Prevention. N.p.; n.d. Web. 16 Feb. 2015. " Prescription Drug Information, Interactions and Side Effects." Prescription Drug Information, Interactions and Side Effects N.p.; n.d. Web. 08 March. 2015.
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