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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Drugs & Your Body Stimulants Other Halucinogen Heroin: It has about the samehigh as Oxycontin meaningit slows down your breating rate-Highly addictive Ecstasy: It increases your heart rateand also produces hallucinations- Not physically addictive Oxycontin: Once taken it will slow down your breathingrate-Highly Addictive Inhalants: Your heart rate willgo up, but then other effects will occur like Hallucinations -Addictive These are drugs that areneither stimulants, Hallucinogens,or Depressants. Cocaine: Your heart rate will go up significantly after taking it -Highly Addictive Methamphetamine:Creates a false sense ofenergy-Highly Addictive Amphetamines: In the same familyas Methylphenidate and it promotes wakefulness-Addictive Methylphenidate: It does promote wakefulness-Addictive Peyote: Allows for hallucinationsto occur when taken-Addictive but not like cocaine LSD: Disrupts your nerve cells and neurotransmitters; interacting with the brain and spinal cord creating halucinations-Highly addictive Salvia: This drug makesit impossible to tellthe difference betweenfantasy and reality-Addictive K2 spice: This drug createshallucinations and alsorelaxation resempling a depressant-Highly Addictive PCP: Allows for Hallucinationsto occur when taken-Very Addictive Mushrooms: Hallucinations can occur when taken-Not Physically Addictive Depressants
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