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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Spencer Smith: Fighting Drug and Alcohol Addiction Spencer Smith, drummer in the band Panic! At the Disco previously had a drug and alcohol addiction. He came out as an addict near the end of 2014. Smith wrote a letter concerninghis addiction and posted it on Panic! At the Discos blog. He claimed that he startedto drink and do marijuana atthe age of 19. After that he said hes just wanted to feel theway he felt when he did the drugs because it made him feellike he actually fit in. Spencer found himself drinking much more and becoming reliant on his drugs. The drugs and alcohol took his depression away. Hehad to bring pills everywhere. The pills took over his life tothe point where he couldn't last 8 hours without them. The things that he got hooked on ranged from painkillers like Vicodin and Xanax, to alcohol. When Smith came out asan addict to his loved ones near the end of PATD's tour, he went to rehab. Therefore leaving the band without one of their band members, and without their friend. The addict isn't the only one to get hurt After he was releasedfrom the rehab facility,he wanted to resume his role in the band,but they ad already decided that he could not just jump back into old habits afterthis event. PATD wasforced to find anotherdrummer. Drugs had a huge effect on his friendships. His peers may have supportedhim, but relationships like that cant just go backto normal in the blink of an eye. Spencer taking a break was the best choice forhim. But his bandmateswere still mad at him fornot telling them and themselves for notbeing able to help him when he needed it. Brendon Urie, friend ofSpencer's, and lead singer of Panic! At the Disco wrote his feelings in one of theirsongs on their new album.The song was titled "Thisis Gospel" Some of the lyrics included were, "thefear of falling apart" Which symbolizes howSmith was feeling whenhe was forced to tell them that he was an addict. He was worried that he would go insanewithout anyone knowingwhy. Smiths addiction took over his life, and turned it into a mess.It also made his loved ones lives harder. By: AllisonHerdlein
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