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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Drug Abuse Among Southern Women in the1920s Cocaine Marijuana and Hashish Heroin Prescription Drugs How did drugs play a role in the lives of southern women in the early 1900s? Is this similar to drug abuse today (demographic, gender, age, social status, profession)? Linked with prostitution--used in white slave traffic to corrupt young girls 1885: Atlanta, Georgia--John Pemberton manufactured "French Wine Coca--Ideal Nerve and Tonic Stimulant and the next year, he introduced a syrup that relied on the extract of coca leaves: Coca-ColaUsed by rich white people (e.g: movie stars, artists, children of wealthy families) Nicknamed The Universal Cure Mostly used as a painkiller in the Civil WarThought it was healthier than alcohol so while men drank alcohol, women smoked morphine in their homes Used it to calm themselves from trouble Used as painkillersPhysicians injected drugs, thinking that it would eliminate drug addiction Widespread physicians practice experimenting on themselves and on patients 1898: first produced by Germanys Bayer Company Advertised as a better painkiller and could cure morphine addiction Mostly used by physicians treating patients Mostly used by high-schoolers from coast-to-coast Post civil war candy shops sold marijuana and hashish candies 1937: Marijuana Tax Act--U.S. federal law that imposed tax on the sale of cannabis, hemp, and marijuana Morphine
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