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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 High School 1 Graduate School Large Animal Veterinarian Include advancedmathematics and science courses 3 Undergraduate 2 Volunteer Work Volunteering at aclinic or Animal Shelterprovides important job experience. Veterinary schools do not require a specific undergraduatemajor. However, all applicants must complete the required classes for that university. A graduate degree inVeterinary Medicine willtypically take 4-6 years. There are only 28 accredited schools in the country, so competition for acceptance will be fierce! Traits of Vets-to-be - -Affinity for animals-Mental and Physical Stamina-Business management skills-Academic Mindset-Determination Licensing To become Liscensed apotential veterinarian must pass the North American Veterinary Licensing exam. Large animal veterinarians are responsible for the health of large animals, primarily in zoos or on farms.The job requires a doctorate degree and license to practice. Begin Practice Most large animal veterinarians work as entrepreneurs, but some join an existing practice to gain experience. For those concernedabout the cost or time requirements of eight years of college, consider becoming a veterinary technician, a position which requires only two years of education offered at many community colleges. Veterinary technicians work more with animals and less with the business direction itself, so it's also available to those without management experience. The path to becoming a Vet:
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