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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Muck City By: Bryan MealerGenre: Sports "Muck City" is about a young blackteenage trying to make somethingof himself, by doing everything hecan to get noticed by a major scoutin the NFL. But his problems that stands in his way is also takingcare of his mother and working. The main character "KB" KelvinBenjamin was a 6 foot 6' widereceiver weighing 220 pounds for theGlades Central Raiders. Kelvin grewup in a very poor part of the Illinoisarea and struggled to make it to thepoint he is at now in his life. This book would be perfect for readers thatlike to read sport and drama books. Only becausethe main character goes through a lot of drama withbeing on a multi race sports team and providing forhimself and his mother. One important event that tookplace in the book would bewhen the whole communityaccused one of the black foot-ball players of intentionallyloosing the game that meant the most to the fans of theteam Most of the story takesplace on the football fieldandor in the home of KelvinBenjamin Most of the story takesplace on the football fieldand/or in the home of KelvinBenjamin The main job or objective for the maincharacter would be putting in hard workthe football field and help supporting hid mother If I were required rate this book on a scale of 1-5I would give it a 3 Another Important event that took placein this book would be the event of theRaiders finally making it to the champ-ionship and making the town have a different view of the football team What major character had themost infulence on the teamto lead them to finally startwinning games and makingit to the super-bowl of highschool football The defensive coachhad the most influence.
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