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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Step 9 Save the file with the name of the Street. Step 2 Step 6 After walking the entire stretchof road, and photomarking all pedestrian crossings, Press the 'Stop Button'. Step 8 Pedestrian Crossings - When the footpath is completely absent. - When the two volunteers are unable to walk side by side on the footpath, either because of insufficient width or obstructions. - Obstructions can be in the form of transformers, trees, garbage, hawkers etc.- Bus Stops that require the volunteers to step off the footpath while walking, should also be considered an obstruction. - Uneven, shaky slabs that make walking difficult should also be considered an obstruction.*** Any entryway, gates or intersections and junctions that the volunteers come across while walking, should NOT be considered as Absence of Footpath. This photo will be automatically Geo-tagged and a Marker will beinserted on the map. Step 1 Tap the inserted Marker againto open the picture.Click the 'Pencil icon' in the top-right corner, to edit theMarker name. - ZC for zebra crossing- S for subway - O for overbridge. Step 3 Step 4 Step 1 Step 5 Download the Google app 'My Tracks' on your smartphone.Available as a free download on the Google Play Store, on your Android phone. In the description box, in case of:Zebra Crossing - mentionwhether Traffic Signal is Present or Absent.Subway/Overbridge - mention whether it is litat the entrance, exit andthroughout. Step 7 Photomarkers can be placedby clicking the 'Camera Icon'on the top right corner of thescreen and taking a picturewhen you come across them. Then Save the photo. Viability of Pedestrian Crossings - Incase of Pedestrian Crossings,it must be mentioned whether ornot there is a Traffic Signalnearby.- Incase of Unpaved roads, the beginning and end of the unpavedstretch must be marked. ZEBRA CROSSING While walking along the selectedstretch, Place a Photomarker at Every Pedestrian Crossing.+ Pedestrian Crossings include - Zebra Crossings - Subway - Pedestrian Overbridge Step 6 SUBWAY PEDESTRIAN OVERBRIDGE
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