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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Step 9 To properly score one street,it is necessary to repeat steps1-8, on the other side of theroad as well. If the point at which they begin,has a footpath, they start on it. If there is no footpath, they start on the road and get onto the footpath as soon as both of them, together, can do so. Step 2 Step 6 Step 7 After the entire stretch of roadhas been walked, Person A must press Pause Workout > Slide to Finish > Save Workout. (In this way, Person A maps the total distance walked). Step 8 Both Person A and B must make sure the GPS is turned ON and login to the MapmyRun App. (Login Jgraha | Password password10). Absence of Footpath - When the footpath is completely absent. - When the two volunteers are unable to walk side by side on thefootpath, either because of insufficient width or obstructions. - Obstructions can be in the form of transformers, trees, garbage,hawkers etc.- Bus Stops that require the volunteers to step off the footpath while walking, should also be considered an obstruction. - Uneven, shaky slabs that make walking difficult should also beconsidered an obstruction.*** Any entryway, gates or intersections and junctions that the volunteers come across while walking, should NOT be considered as Absence of Footpath. On starting the survey, Person A must press the Start Workout option, on the MapmyRun App. Every time they come across acase considered as Absenceof Footpath*, they must step off the footpath. AFTER stepping off, Person Bmust press the Start Workout option on the MapmyRun App. Step 1 Once the footpath is walkable again, BEFORE stepping back on, Person B must press Pause Workout > Slide to Finish >‘Save Workout. Walkability of Footpaths Step 3 Step 4 Step 1 Step 5 Two people (Person A & B) walk on the selected stretch of road, side by side. Only after completing Step 6 should the volunteers step back onto the footpath. Every time there is an Absence ofFootpath*, Person B must follow steps 5 to 6, so that each absence is mapped separately.
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