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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Training Evolution 3rd Quarter Documentation Refresher Daptiv Training Workforce Management Mentor Training 1st Quarter Change Management 1,973 # of Users Trained Specialty Product 2nd Quarter AmeriGroup Oncology Training Culture Training 1,416 # of Users Trained September 2014 March 2014 June 2014 Classroom Training Experiences Delivery Evaluation Preparation Content Relevence Where is Learning and Development heading? This next year in learning, we are going to concentrate on improving our assessment measures. Currently, 90% of training session are assessed at level 1 (reaction) through a participant feedback survey and 60% of trainings are assessed at level 2 (learning) through post-training quizzes, we hope to increase these measures by the end of Q1 2015. We would also like to partner with auditing, and operations to assess certain training programs to level 3 (applied learning). Our goal in improving our assessment measures is to accurately capture the impact of training sessions and to provide better information to the departments we support. 4th Quarter Today 2,198 # of Users Trained Member Engagement 84%Positive Trainer Evaluation New Hire Training 83%Positive 83%Positive 87%Positive Achieve Global Training 2,977 # of Users Trained Based on Blackboard Survey Results YTD Based on Blackboard Results for Online and Classroom Learning. Based on Kirkpatrick Learning Evaluation Model. Based on Blackboard Results for Classroom Learning where the assessment is available and in use.
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