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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Step 9 To properly score one street,it is necessary to repeat steps1-8, on the other side of theroad as well. Step 2 Step 6 After the entire stretch of roadhas been walked, Person A must press Pause Workout >> Slide to Finish >> Save Workout. (In this way, Person A maps the total distance walked). Step 8 Both Person A and B must make sure the GPS is turned ON and login to the MapmyRun App. (Login Jgraha | Password password10). Absence of Footpath - When the footpath is completely absent. - When the two volunteers are unable to walk side by side on the footpath, either because of insufficient width or obstructions. - Obstructions can be in the form of transformers, trees, garbage, hawkers etc.- Bus Stops that require the volunteers to step off the footpath while walking, should also be considered an obstruction. - Uneven, shaky slabs that make walking difficult should also be considered an obstruction.*** Any entryway, gates or intersections and junctions that the volunteers come across while walking, should NOT be considered as Absence of Footpath. Every time they come across acase considered as Absenceof Footpath*, they must step off the footpath. AFTER stepping off, Person Bmust press the Start Workout option on the MapmyRun App. Step 1 Once the footpath is walkable again, BEFORE stepping back on, Person B must press Pause Workout >> Slide to Finish >>‘Save Workout. Step 3 Step 4 Step 1 Step 5 Two people (Person A & B) walk on the selected stretch of road, Side by Side (at all times) Only after completing Step 6 should the volunteersstep back onto the footpath. Every time there is an Absence of Footpath*, Person B must follow steps 5 to 6, so that each absence is mapped separately. Step 7 On starting the survey, Person A must press the Start Workout option, on the MapmyRun App. Walkability of Footpaths If the point at which they begin,has a footpath, they start on it.If there is no footpath, they starton the road and get onto thefootpath as soon as they bothcan, together.
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