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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 40% Lady Mary *Majority*30% Lady Rose.10% Anna Bates, Mrs. Hughes, and Violet CrawleyOverall, I was hoping that the results would be more balanced, but I am glad all characters were representedin the results. Downtown Abbey Quiz Analysis of Results Violet Crawley Lady Mary Lady Rose Anna Bates Mrs. Hughes Downtown Abbey is a show that I enjoy watching.Oftentimes my friends and I enjoy taking online quizzes similar to the one I made. I was inspired to make aDowntown Abbey Quiz because I was curious what character I would be and I thought others who are a fanof the show would be interested in trying the quiz. The show helped me to determine the answers for the questions, which I determined based on the respective personalities. Most questions had one answer thatwas most similar to a specific character, but for somequestions multiple characters suited the answer if there were only two possible results. Mary Violet Lady Rose Mrs. Hughes Anna Bates Summary In a revision of the assignment, I would have made some questions more specific and change some of the results for Mary, and perhaps made results more desirable forAnna, Mrs. Hughes and Violet Crawley to get a wider range of results from the surveyers. After doing this project I now know how to successfully make a quiz which allows for more opportunities in the future if I need to make a quiz. This quiz connects to the hummanities through the usage of generating a quiz because oftentimes surveys are a greatway to generate information from a large group of people.
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