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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In 2013, astronomers discovered three planets outside ofour solar system that may have the potential to host life.What are they saying about these newly found planets? Kepler-62f Distance Earth Kepler-62e Kepler-22b Size 2 Kepler Planets How big are the Kepler Planets compared to Earth? The largest planet, Kepler-22b,has a radius of about 2.4 times that of Earth. This is a radiusof 9,501.6 miles.The second largest planet, Kepler-62e, has a radius of about 1.6 times that of Earth, This is a radius of 6,334.4 miles.The third largest planet, Kepler-62f, has a radius of about 1.4 times that of Earth, This is a radius of 5,542.6 miles.The smallest planet, Earth, has a radius of 3,959miles. Below is a line-up of planets in order of smallest to largest. x 206,995.004 = 1 light year These newly discovered planets are hundreds of light years away from Earth. How far is this really? Kepler-62e Kepler-22b Kepler-62f = around 1,200 light-years = 600 light-years = 1,200 light-years Physical Characteristics While these planets may be far away,scientists are still trying to determinewhether or not these Earth-like planets are habitable. Astronomers and scientists have been comparing these planets to Earth. Howsimilar are the Kepler planets to Earth really? = ? = ? = ? How "habitable" are the Kepler Planets? Plants/Life: As far as scientists are currently concerned, thediscovered Kepler Planets are nearly the same distancefrom their suns as Earth (4.2 light-years). It is because of this that scientists and astronomers are lead to believe that because of the planets' distance from their sun, they will be warm enough to host life. Water:Images of these Kepler Planets have beenshown to look very similar to Earth. All threeseem to be covered in clouds, as well as bigand blue. Scientists have found that there is a 60-70 percent chance that these planets are rocky, just like Earth. There is a likely chance that any possible water on these planets are frozen, however, as their sun appears to be smaller and dimmer than Earth's. Air:Scientists have yet to learn if the air on these planets are breathable.
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