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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Resource packets are provided by the instructional technology specialist to administrators, media specialists and teachers including NETS information from ISTE,, GADOE NETS-S performance tasks and the profile for technology literate students from ISTE. Three-Year Technology Plan Overall average ratio of 1 computer for every 2.15 students system wide Technology Use To provide exemplary technology support to the students, teachers and staff ofthe Douglas County School System in order to support and enhance the learning process. Vision for Technology Use 1 2 Current Reliability ... Ongoing individualized professional development ... 50 #1 To Identify, recommend and provide appropriate technology to support a challenging, comprehensive, instructional and curricular program for all learners. * source: Douglas County School System (2012) Professional Learning BYOT provides for personalized learning experiences thatcan carry over into day to day activities outside of school. All teachers will have access to a district owned laptop, digital projector, the Promethean ActivBoard, ActivSlate and will utilize ActivExpressions with students Instructional Use * source: Douglas County School System (2012) 21st Century 2 Douglas County School System Facilities must continue to be renovated and modified . .. 1$28,752,580 Technology goals and funding amount aligned with the school system's goals 2$3,106,000 3$378,000 3 Use technology to improve safety and communication within the schoolcommunity. Technology must be integrated into teaching and learning practices in order tosupport the needs of 21st Century Learners. *source: Douglas County School System (2012)
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