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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 acting classes can helpyour chances of gettinga gig in EEUU primer avance The organism is called Soil Mesofauna and is found in soil as well as leaf litter. The ecosystem service is so importanat because without it we wouldnt be able to make the isturment woodwind and a part of music would be gone My organism is undergoing a lot of deforestation Its common to chop down my tree people have been doing it sinse the 30's the tree cant help but to go extent if we cut more down then we grow ,and plus it take them 70 to 200 years to reach mature age and thats about 9 feet Humpback whales are getting hunted for oil, meat, and baleen from the 17th to early 20th centuries. Humpback also harmed by pollution, ship strickesand entanglement in fishing gear.Offshore oil and gas is an clearthreat to humpback whale Whether your soil is naturally high or low in organic matter adding new organic matter every is perhaps the most impor-tant way to provide and maintain soil quality. Soil Mesofauna playsand important part inthe Carbon Cycle What will really kill the promblem is for every tree choped down plant 2 Which ecosystem service Great whales are the ocean'secosystem engineers; they eat many fish and invertebrateare themselves prey to otherpredators like killer whales,and distribute nutrients throughthe water By dropping to the seafloor,provide habitat for many species that only existon these "whale falls".Whalesalso recycle nutrients and enhance primaryproductivity in areas wherethey feed Soil Mesofauna is a decomposer and withoutit soil wouldnt be as fertile. Without Soil Mesofauna the Carbon Cycle would be interruptedbecause it is adecomposer Soil is important because soilprovides ecosystems services critical for life: soil acts as water filter and a growing medium provides habitat for billions of organisms, contributing to bi-odiversity: and supplies mostof the antibiotic used to fight disease. The types of flora and fauna on earth would change drastically if there wasn't any soil. No animals can produce their own food source, and ultimately rely on vegetable matter as food Humpback whale founded MegapteraNovaeangliae Name of organism/where found Why this ecosystemservice is so important What is happening to your organism? Suggestions of what can be done the organism is called the African Blackwood It is aminly located in the reigon of Tanzania We can stop hunting the humpbackwhales and ban hunting whales. Then we can stop ships from going through their habitat and killing them withtheir ships Additions of organic matter im-prove soil structure enhance waterand nutrient holding capacity, Protectsoil from erosion and support a health community of soil organism. Producers what ecosystem services??? why is this important??? Endangered species what is happening ??? Ecosystem text! Thanks to: Decomposer Abiotic Factor DOUGLAS HARVEY JR.JAMAL SHAKOORTONNAY TUCKERTRENISE WALKER
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